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END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT FOR SOFTWARES AND WEBPAGES FROM QIN EMPEROR SOFTWARE > Edu : Educate Yourself Hanzi (Chinese Ideographs) (Qin Emperor Software) serves education platform where you can quickly build your Hanzi recognition, supporting by our widerange of webbased, android and windows application.

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by joining "Course [001] Powerful Hanzi Recognition, supported by our Webbased Application"

We at know that each Hanzi has its characterictic code;
We will educate you to find this characteristic code by breaking each Hanzi into its elements;
Each Hanzi has 4digits number as characteric code (this code is named fourcorner code or fc);
By inputing this code into our apps, you will able to 1. spell the Hanzi 2. know the meaning of it

After finishing this course you will be able to recognize that i.e.:

the Hanzi 生 has "2510" as its characteric code;

the Hanzi 日 has "6010" as its characteric code; and do the same with other 6763 Hanzis.

Our apps will give you thorough explanation of the Hanzi as you enter the code into it.
So then no Hanzis will be foreign to you.

Facilities: pdf lesson, web based lesson, mobile apps, web based app including Chinese-English dictionary one year subscription, WhatsApp support group.

Fee: USD 99.99* (promo) (*details)

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